What is TumbleweedMC?

The Best Minecraft Server Network Yet

We are a network of variety servers in the making! Our goal is to build a friendly and welcoming community for all who enjoy minecraft & other games alike.



A semi-vanilla survival gamemode with plugins to enhance your experience. There is a well developed economy system involved that adds a new depth in the classic survival mode experience. Along with additional features such as a linear rankup system, silk touch-able spawners, and McMMO, we believe this gamemode will be a lot of fun for new and veteran players alike!


Inspired from open world games like RDR2 and GTAO, we are developing a game that offers an experience like no other. With the massive open world the size of 15k by 15k blocks, there are more than enough space for you to traverse in. Sprinkled with the wild west elements of guns, narcotics, mines and horses. This is for players who are looking for a minecraft game session like no other!


With all the types of skyblock servers out there, we noticed one thing - the classical skyblock from the earliest days don't really exist on servers. What's missing from the saturated skyblock gamemodes available today are the elements of peace & quiet. You are still able to play the maps on singleplayer, but where's the fun if you can't punch your friend off the edge every now and then? And that's what we look forward to bringing you, travelling back in time and experiencing the version that started it all - the classic skyblock...


As of January 6th:

  • Visual Rank glitch patched
  • /vote now displays vote links
  • Item frame destruction fixed
  • Claim teleportation fixed
  • General bug fixes
  • Added Herobrine


  • iMingo
  • Owner, Content Creator


  • No Abusive chat: Chat Filter Bypassing, Excessive spam.
  • No Mature content: This includes: 18+ topics, 18+ topic discussions.
  • No advertising other servers, anything that impacts the server negatively, or threatening to do so
  • No Threats, Hate Speech, Harassment, Discrimination, racism, threatening staff or other players
  • Account violations: Using alts to obtain advantage, inappropriate name or skin, impersonation
  • Unfair advantages: Cheats, Advantageous mods, Afk abuse, etc.
  • Asking for ranks: Asking for Staff ranks, Donator ranks, or any ridiculous request
  • English in global chat: Other languages are allowed in private chats.
  • No afk farms or any auto redstone devices: Builds that operate on their own without manual activation.
  • Arguments in global Chat: All arguments must be moved out of global chat.
  • No Griefing: No Forms of Griefing will be allowed.
  • Building: Ask your nearby neighbours before you build/claim. Griefing will be removed.

Supporting Us

Donating is always appreciated, however you can always support us by voting for our server on these websites. You also receive an in-game votecrate for every vote!
You must be online while voting to receive your reward